HT Vet Joint Stock Company

HT Vet Joint Stock Company was originally known as a company specializing in the import of commodities: antibiotic materials, vaccines, medicinal drugs, aquatic drugs, biological products, environmental treatment, … of the US, UK, Korea, India, China …

Through the time of being chartered and thriving, HT Vet Joint Stock Company has affirmed its leading position in veterinary and aquatic veterinary industry.

In early January 2015, HT Vet Joint Stock Company developed the construction of a veterinary medicine factory, aquatic medicine that meets international standards of GMP-WHO, GLP-good laboratory practice, GSP-good preservation practices. drug. The technical team of the company is well-trained, including experts in many fields of chemistry, pharmacy, animal husbandry, aquaculture, …

The products of HT Vet Joint Stock Company are very diverse from products to stimulate growth, increase productivity, to products to prevent and treat diseases of cattle, poultry and aquatic products with proper packaging method. serving all needs of farms and livestock households.

Product quality of HT Vet Joint Stock Company is always stable, deriving from the stage of selecting input materials, strict control in the production process and finished products before going to market are tested at the Accreditation Laboratory. GLP standards of the company.

The company’s customer network has been developed extensively throughout the country, being a system of veterinary drug stores, farms and livestock households. The company has a team of enthusiastic and experienced technical staff who are always ready for technical consultancy, advanced breeding process, customer support.

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